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Xin-Mo Two Player Fix For Retropie

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A popular component of many Retropie arcade builds is the Xin-Mo USB arcade control interface board. This nifty little controller allows you to wire up two player controls (joysticks and buttons) pretty easily and have your Raspberry Pi see them as two standard USB controllers. There is a problem however, when initially setting up the board with your Pi ... Retropie will only see the board as one controller.

Making RetroPie Identify Two Players Instead Of One With The Xin-Mo

The fix is simple, you just need to edit the /boot/cmdline.txt file on your Pi, adding the following to the end ...


Either SSH in and use NANO or use the built in editor with WinSCP (or whatever tool you use) to access your Pi remotely. Don't forget to add a space at the end of the existing code before adding the code above. A quick reboot of your Pi after the file has been changed and saved will see your controller being recognised as two USB joypads.

This fix works with both the older Xin-Mo and newer Xinmotek versions of the board.

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