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How It Works

How It Works

A Guide To Our Arcade Machines

Want to know more about our machines, the games, the Raspberry Pi computer we use to power the whole thing? Don't know your RetroPie from your Hyperspin, your JAMMA from your Pandora's Box?

We've prepared a guide so you can get your bearings before ordering.

Please note this page is a work in progress. Over time, we refine features on our new machines, occasionally changing a major component or the way we build the machines. Where this has happened, we'll mention it below. As ever, if you've any questions about how it all works please get in touch.

The Mark Ten

Overview, A Standard Machine

To get started let's take a look at a typical machine. The machine to the right is one of our Mark Ten multi game units. This particular one was built for the acclaimed British sci-fi author, Karl Drinkwater in the summer of 2018. As of early 2019 it resides with him at his home in Scotland.

It's features our standard controls, game-system and has a painted body with marquee artwork at the top. All our different models work in the same way, with comparable controls and dimensions.

When ordering various upgrades can be specified to different parts of the machine, regardles of the model.

The dimensions of this machine are 1760mm High x 636mm Wide x 600mm Deep.

The figure shown below is drawn to scale at 5 foot and 10 inches, approx 178cm tall ...

Machine Size

The flat control panel with the joysticks and buttons are just under 950mm from the bottom of the machines, on the ground. This makes them comfortable to use both standing up and sitting on a stool, which we recommend for extended periods of play. Some of our designs, like our Mark Eleven are slightly taller at 1820mm high. Where this is the case, the controls are still mounted at just under 950mm from the bottom.

Using Our Arcade Machines

Our Standard Machines

We've made the machines as simple to operate and play as possible.

We will fit a power switch as an optional extra, which is normally mounted at the top rear of the machines. Normally though, to turn your machine on you simply plug it in at the mains using the power cable. We've made this approx. 3m long so an extra extension power lead isn't normally needed.

Once on, the machine will boot up in to the games menu. We use EmulationStation and the system boots from cold in about 25 seconds. Turning your machine off means cutting the power from the mains and they don't need to be "shut down", they can be turned off at any point.

Once booted up, selecting a game to play is done via the left (player one) joystick and buttons ...


1. Select A System


2. Select A Game


3. Wait For Game To Load


4. Get Playing ...

Games are listed alphabetically and grouped by system. Once a game is loaded, the game can be saved at any point with save states and there's even a fast forward function.

The Mark One ALPHA Pro

Our Coin-Operated Machines

The Commercial Option

Calle Coin Mech

We offer commercial, coin-operated machines that are fitted with rugged, Calle™ mechanical coin mechanisms.

These units differ to our standard machines as they have a limited games system with 100 classic arcade games from the 70s, 80s and 90s and are fitted with a coin mechanism and lockable metal door, for retreiving the used coins.

We've supplied pubs, clubs and rental businesses with these machines in London, Manchester, Leeds and even Dublin. Our machines are out and about all over the UK.

For more inforamtion on our commercial machines, please Get In Touch.

Over 7500 Classic Retro Games

Or 100 Arcade Classics With Our Coin-Operated System

GalaxianPacmanBubble BobbleDonkey KongGhosts 'n Goblins

R-TypeStreet Fighter IIFinal FightGolden AxeMortal Kombat

Metal SlugKing Of Fighters '97Super SidekicksPuzzle Bobble 2Marvel Vs Capcom

All our arcade machines are delivered ready to play and fully loaded with over 7500 * great retro games! The very best of the 70s, 80s and 90s, we've included are all the arcade and console classics of the era with all your favourites from the SEGA Megadrive and Super Nintendo and even a selection of Nintendo GameBoy games.

Our machines are designed around a customised version of RetroPie with EmulationStation running on the latest Raspberry Pi computer. Each and every game has been tested by us to ensure it runs perfectly and performs exactly as you remember ...

Want To Know More?

We can be contacted by telephone (including text) or by Email. If you'd like more information on any of our arcade machine builds please get in touch ...

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