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Goonies (Movie) Deluxe SPECIAL EDITION

Goonies (Movie) Deluxe SPECIAL EDITION
Goonies (Movie) Deluxe SPECIAL EDITION
Goonies (Movie) Deluxe SPECIAL EDITION

Goonies (Movie) Deluxe SPECIAL EDITION

A300 MAX 32 Multi Game Arcade Machine

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- Upgraded Joysticks and Light-Up Buttons As Standard
- Over 10000 Classic Retro Games (Arcade & Console)
- Delivered Ready To Go (Plug & Play)
- Full Warranty, PAT Tested and CE Certified
- Delivery In 4-6 Weeks From Ordering, Depending On Location

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New for Summer 2022, an even higher spec. version of one of our most popular cabinets ...

Our tribute to what must surely be one of the greatest movies of the 80s, The Goonies!

This SPECIAL EDITION A300 MAX 32 is an upright, multi game arcade machine featuring over 10000 games from the consoles, hand-helds and arcades of the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 00s.

In addition to the specification and features of our standard A300 MAX 32, this cabinet features IL branded premium ball top joysticks with special grey soft-touch rubber ball handles ... Think oversized mouse balls from computer mice of the 90s and early 00s :-) It's also sporting RGB Lighting to the front bottom as standard.

A two player cabinet, this is our MAX 32 model, the top of the range. All the controls are commercial grade, making each machine rugged and reliable. The machines are powered by the latest Raspberry Pi running our custom version of RetroPie and EmulationStation.

The machine is plug-and-play with no setup required after delivery beyond plugging in the power and switching it on.

We offer a full on-site or return-to-base warranty as standard. All machines are PAT tested and CE certified.

1760mm (Height) x 836mm (Width) x 630mm (Depth)

Primary Construction
Fire Retardant MDF (18mm)

32 Inch 16:9 Ratio LED Monitor

Dual Speaker Stereo Sound via Stereo Amplifier With Bass, Treble and Balance Controls

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B+ Quad Core Linux Computer - 4GB RAM - 128GB Flash (MicroSD) Storage

2 Player Zippyy Ball Top Joysticks and Concave Micro-switched (HAPP E-Switch) Buttons With Full Size Trackball

Game System
Fully Customised RetroPie Based Running Emulationstation With Video Previews

Over 10000 Classic Games

All our arcade machines and retro games consoles are delivered ready to play and fully loaded with over 10000 great retro games. The very best of the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 00s are included - All the arcade and console classics of the era with all your favourites from the SEGA Megadrive, Super Nintendo, Neo Geo, Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo GameBoy and much more ...

GalaxianPacmanBubble BobbleDonkey KongGhosts 'n Goblins

R-TypeStreet Fighter IIFinal FightGolden AxeMortal Kombat

Metal SlugKing Of Fighters '97Super SidekicksPuzzle Bobble 2Marvel Vs Capcom

Our games system is custom to us and designed around RetroPie with EmulationStation running on the fantastic Raspberry Pi. Each and every game has been tested by us to ensure it runs perfectly and performs exactly as you remember.

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