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Branded Arcade Machines

Arcade machines customised with your business branding. As our machines are all built to order, we offer a degree of customisation with both the cabinet shape/style and the painted (or vinyl) finish. Our customised machines have found homes across the UK in pubs, clubs, offices and even a school.

Let's face it, arcade machines are cool. They're a great statment piece, whether in the office, at a company event or in a games room at home. We've supplied Disney™, Gibson (Guitars), a school (for a use-of-technology project), small companies wanting to add the perfect finishing touch to the office and larger organisations wanting some entertainment for corporate parties.

Normally based on one of our regular designs, custom vinyl graphics and a light-up marquee are often added to showcase branding or products. Custom machines normally run our customised version of RetroPie although this can be altered as needed. We've supplied businesses from all across the UK with machines in London, Bolton, Manchester and Leeds ...

Custom Arcade Machines UK

Custom Arcade Machines UK

Machines can be adapted to incorporate extra equipment such as wine/beer coolers. Internal sections can be exposed or displayed behind protective acrylic. Machines can be customised to reflect branding or to match a preferred design so old gaming machines can be replicated and updated.

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Pricing & Design ...

Prices are as set for our standard machines with costs added for extras so our custom machines are more than affordable. Lead time for delivery is normally 2-4 weeks from final approval of the design.

We always provide detailed 3D renders of proposed machines. As you can see, our 3D renders are pretty accurate. What's more, we don't charge a penny for the design/consultation process and we always work to ensure the design and finished machine is spot on to requirements ...

Custom Arcade Machines UK


Since 2014, we have provided custom builds to the likes of Disney, Gibson (Guitars), Virtually Entertained based at the Silverstone grand prix circuit and many more. We've supplied small businesses across the UK and private customers as far as Jersey, Dublin and even Berlin, Germany. We offer a range of customisation options from on all new arcade machines, Get In Touch for details or check out our Branded Arcade Machines.

Our customer base has grown to include ...

Disney                 Gibson                 Virtually Entertained                 Group HES                 Canna

Polymorph                        GIMO                 HELLOSODA

Disney        Gibson        Virtually Entertained        Group HES        Canna        Polymorph        GIMO        HELLOSODA

Custom Arcade Machines UK

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